Alexander Frank

Software Engineer

A headshot of Alex

Hi there! 👋 My name is Alex.
I'm currently working as a Software Engineer for Southwest Airlines! ✈💖
Please visit my Github and download the latest version of my resume.

Personal Projects

Here is small selection of personal projects I've worked on. More projects (as well as additional information on the ones listed) can be found on my Github.

Name Walker

An application that takes in a name, converts it into a number, and generates a random walk using that number as a seed. The end result is a unique random walk specific to each user's name.

Made with:
  • React
  • p5.js

Rainbow Sorts

Visualizations of sorting algorithms through rainbows. Arcs of various colors are drawn and then sorted by their hue value(or the 'H' in HSL).

Made with:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • p5.js


A chat application for developers. Users can enter a username and chatroom, and have real-time discussions with other users. DevChat is currently deployed across Heroku (back-end) and Netlify (front-end).

Made with:
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Express

Twitter Opinion Analyzer

A python web app that lets a user enter a topic and get the current polarity on that topic through sentiment analysis on recent tweets.

Made with:
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Heroku

Galaxy Fighter

A 2D Arcade Shooter game, built in C++ w/ OpenFrameworks as a part of my Computer Game Design course (CS134 @ SJSU). The player controls a spaceship, and has to fire projectiles to defend against incoming enemy ships and asteroids.

Made with:
  • C++
  • OpenFrameworks

Random Emoji

A small JS library for generating random emojis. By working on this project, I learned the basics of building, testing, and deploying my own JavaScript library.

Made with:
  • JavaScript
  • Chai
  • Mocha